About us

 We are born with the idea of ​​improving the environment and nature by selling products for personal use at comfortable prices with images or phrases that motivate the recovery of natural resources and the environment. Do you want to participate in our mission? Buy our products. It is urgent that we do something to stop the damage that our planet suffers; we find destruction of forests, forest fires, pollution at all levels in the air, water and soil, we are causing climate change in our home land, and this will bring serious consequences on the global climate, let's look at the glaciers at the poles. They are melting due to global warming, these huge blocks of ice are what allow our climate to cool when sea currents circulate throughout the planet.

This is the main reason for our store, to contribute to improving the deterioration that exists in the plants, animals and in all the natural resources of our home La Tierra, with a permanent campaign of protection and recovery of natural resources and the environment. We hope your participation does not leave us alone in this effort, we need to disseminate and spread a message that motivates people to know the serious problem that we humans have, in addition to knowing the problem we must create awareness and contribute to improving the climatic conditions in That we find humanity as a whole.