Josè environment store

The josé environment store is born out of the need to correct the damage that the environment and nature are suffering; tons of smoke and other polluting gases are thrown into the air every day, hundreds of hectares of forests are destroyed every day as well as many animal species are destroyed, another source of pollution is forest fires, tons of garbage thrown into rivers, lakes and to the seas; If we observe what happens in our environment and in all the nations of our planet, we will realize the seriousness of the environmental situation of our world called Earth.
Now, we must raise awareness in the population of the problem we are experiencing, and recognize that if we destroy our habitat, we destroy life as a whole and we have no other planet to move to, that is, we do not have a spare one.
In our store we are making the effort to create some awareness in the minds of people with images or phrases for the environment and nature, support this initiative by buying the products we offer is a just cause and we need to support starting to spread the word. serious problem that we have humanity.
Our planet is dying and we can avoid it, let's do something, let's start to raise awareness and avoid collapse, let's leave future generations a better world.